IF Design Social Impact Prize

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About IF Design Foundation

Recently  we received the news that Proof Eyewear is a winner in the IF Design Social Impact Prize 2021, IF World Design Guide is a foundation that aim to promote design and its social significance, free from commercial pressures and restrictions. The mission is to support scientific research and education, culture, social engagement, environmental awareness and sustainability. Th IF Design Foundation wil provide financial support for selected design projects as wel as initiating its own projects free from commercial pressures and restrictions. IF Design Foundation will initiate and organize in-house projects, conferences and much more. In addition, the IF Foundation will cooperate with other design-oriented foundations and non-profits in order to poll resources, develop and realize joint projects



Social Impact Prize 2021

One of the activities of IF Foundation is the Social Impact Prize awarded for companies that have one of the following believes Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Social Conscious and their impact. A jury of 13 Members from different countries such as: Africa, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, China and Taiwan review a project and the impact.


Peru Project

The Peru Project that started in 2019 had the purpose to fight Poverty in Peru where the majority of the locals live in poverty below the poverty line. We accomplished 592 Screened People, Distributed 392 Glasses, Preformed 370 Fluoride Treatments, Extracted 127 Infected Teeth, Taught Proper Dental Cleaning For 599 People, Donated 588 Toothbrushes and Toothpaste, Demonstrated 4 Hygiene Lessons. Painted 2 Classrooms, Funded 3 Wells, Planted / Donated 500 Trees, Cleared 4 Km  Road, Constructed 4 Stoves, Funded 600 Gallons of Fuel, Provided 9 Sets of Bedding, Built 1 Greenhouse. We collaborated with HELP International on this project with several other volunteers ( See the link for the complete recap ) A link to the entry is found here



Unfortunately has the worldwide pandemic a negative influence on our Do good Program and until we have the possibility to travel safe these projects are postponed. With that in mind we have looked at other possibilities to Do Good and we teamed up with Eden Reforestation and now each frames plants five mangrove trees in Africa , this way we try to contribute to people in need. We believe firmly that everybody has wings to fly, some just need a little help.


We are proud to be global citizens and this prize is a recognition for our Do good Program and our Socially Conscious Business Model and to all of our customers because without them our Do good Program wouldn't be possible.

A Big thank you to IF Design Foundation and all of those who contributed to this awesome result.


Each Frame now plants five trees »