To make truly great eyewear, we feel it’s critical to craft each pair in ways that are not only ethical, but environmentally responsible.




Here at Proof we continuously look for new partnerships. We're convinced that everyone has a contribution to make and something to say. At the moment we collaborate with different partners from various sectors, and this has given us a lot of new knowledge and insights that can be found in our products and work methods. More than two hundred companies worldwide have already preceded you.


All Proof Eyewear Frames are : 




All Proof frames are manufactured by hand under the strictest guidelines laid down in our Code of Conduct. The hand-made production process starts after we are 100% satisfied with the selected sustainable materials. During regular visits to the factory, we check the production process to ensure that the frames meet our specifications and check the guidelines of our Code of Conduct. If we are satisfied, the frames are shipped and upon receipt, we check each frame to ensure that it meets our quality requirements. Only then will our frames be sold and delivered.


We're global citizens and choose to use a socially-conscious business model to give back;

Look Good. Do Good.



Proof embraces the idea of being global citizens by doing good around the world. The bird logo represents the belief, "Everyone has wings to fly, some just need a little help" Our efforts in helping others have affected people from Idaho tot the other side of the world. By embracing a socially-conscious business model the idea of our Do Good program is to give back on a project-by-project basis. We've partnered with organizations like the Nature Conservancy in Idaho and Boarding for Breast Cancer to provide funds that directly benefit the people and places closest to us. Globally we've been able to partner with HELP International to volunteer and donate to our projects in India, El Salvador, Nepal, the Philippines and Uganda, thanks to our customers support we've donated 12% of annual profits to our Do Good program believing that even a small amount can dramatically shift the trajectory of people's lives.



Our commitment to you


Proof Eyewear is still a family business and fiercely independent, which allows us to deal flexible with specific wishes and questions of our customers. As an independent manufacturer, Proof Eyewear is the reliable partner for your business, we have extended opening hours to serve you even better if you have any questions. We offer conditions that are tailored to your specific needs and requirements, this way you can customize the collection without any obligation to purchase entire collections. Our ongoing collections reduce the risk of excess stock. Should you still have any questions or remarks, please let us know by filling in the form below or by contacting us directly, we are ready to answer all your questions.

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