Brexit and Covid-19 Information


Dear Customer, since januari 1st the United Kingdom has left the European Union. Due to the fact that our office is based in the Netherlands there are some situations to take into consideration. As a consequence it can be that you have to pay an extra charge on your ordered products. We've tried to get answers from the various parties but up until now we don't have a straight and honest answer, therefore we want
to warn you before ordering a product and face additional charges for import duties or VAT. Please contact the appropriate authority if you want to be sure.
We would like to inform you that the majority of shipments to the United Kingdom are delayed due to the time customs needs to process all the parcels, we kindly ask you for your patience if your parcel takes longer to arrive and apologize for any inconvenience.


Dear visitor, during this surreal time, the rules of the game and the way we work have changed in our daily routine. Through this brief statement and Q and A, we would like to clearly indicate what you can expect from us during this crisis. Despite the fact that we do our utmost to keep things as normal as possible, deviations can occur.

- Can I just keep ordering?

Yes, you can continue to order, nothing has changed and the articles are still available. There is a chance that an item is sold out, in which case it will not be available until the item is back in stock. There is a small chance that the replenishment of articles will be delayed during this crisis.

- Will my items be shipped as usual?

We simply hand over the purchased items to one of our logistics partners who will then process them in the normal way. In the current situation, the delivery of your ordered items may be delayed even though we are doing our utmost to avoid this, so we hope you will understand.

- How will I receive my order?

We and our logistics partners follow the general guidelines of the RIVM and the Government in order to minimise the risk of spreading. The employees of our logistics partners are well instructed and know what to do during their daily work. For more information about the general guidelines of the RIVM click here.
There is a chance that you will have to sign for receipt, the deliveryman will ask if he can do this for you, so make sure that you have proof of identity within reach. In the exceptional case that there is something wrong with your ordered item, we will be lenient with this.

- I live abroad, are there any changes?

In principle there are no changes if you live abroad, but the local logistics partner may use a different method than described above. To be sure that nothing is different for you, it is best to contact the logistics partner in question, which can be found on the Track&Trace number you received from us.

We hope this has given you some more information about how we work at this time. Please help us keep this crisis to a minimum by adhering to the guidelines set out by our government so that we can put this miserable time behind us as soon as possible and Stay Safe!
If you have any more questions please feel free to reach out to us

Team Proof Eyewear.